Ok guys, take your time.

Well, even it is not a new term, I often heard about the main mindset of growth marketing. Maybe it is just because of the difficulties of the mindset.

In my opinion, most marketing people choose the easiest way when it comes to growth or return of investment. They choose a fixed mindset, and they are comfortable in that specific zone. They choose to talk easy, they want to be stable, and they are not open to test and learn. In a nutshell, they don’t want to talk about this topic!

For me, the most crucial part of improving strategy for sustainable growth; has been sharing it. Sharing with a target audience, with your team, even with your competitors. Tell people you’re trying to get better and learning with your failures. Talk about it. When you talk about it, other people get excited about it. They’ll come to you with ideas. They’ll share new methods and you will learn from each collaborator.

Here is a very simple and good video to clarify the difference between fixed and growth mindset.


At ROIVA; we have a growth mindset. Being a lifelong learner desiring more and more knowledge we just can’t seem to get enough.  We really love learning and sharing what we have learned with others. We choose our customers with this mindset. If they won’t challenge us with the new goals, if they want from us to do the same routine, we are ok with that!

Do you think ROIVA and your company fit into this mindset? Then it is time to talk?