Design with conversion focus!

When it comes to the lead generation; landing pages are very critical. I’d like to clarify “looks good design” vs. “conversion based design”.

If your manager asks you to create a quick landing page and he/she always judge your work with the creative perspective only; you have to be careful. Because every time your manager can be changed and the look and feel of the new one will be different. But if your manager has a growth mindset and he/she already aware of the “test and learn” process, then you can be more efficient. Whatever you choose to design the landing page; you must take care of these recommendations from ROIVA team.

  • Make it clean and simple
  • Write your focus keyword (mostly this is your product or service name) in the headline
  • The lead form must have a different background colour to get realised.
  • Give them information on how much they need. If your product or service needs a long time for acquisition then your audience needs to much information, in general. But please do not create a landing page with a magazine or blog template.
  • Always think like a customer and make empathy to understand the behaviour while they are searching for a keyword and after that visiting your landing page.

In another post, we will talk over the landing page creation platforms and optimization. Here is very simple and clean landing page examples: